Beautiful Brianza: The big Cherry Tree

Beautiful Brianza: The big Cherry Tree

This short path through the hills and meadows around the hamlets of Besana Brianza allows you to reach the most famous Lombardy tree: Briosco’s centuries-old cherry tree.

Big Cherry’s size

Cherry has a height of 26 meters and a total width of 36 meters. It is a tree so important that has been chosen as a representative of Lombardy in the list of secular trees of Italy.

When should you go to see it?

The answer is fairly good, the best time to admire it is without a doubt the spring when, thanks to the immense white flowering bloom, you can admire it even a long way away.

How To Reach It

Our advice is to reach it from the hamlet of Besana Brianza called Zoccorino, if you come by car you should park along Via Brioschi. Once you leave the car, take the Brioschi road to the via Cremonina crossroads, you must go all the way, even when you leave the dirt road. When you reach the junction with Via Visconta, turn left, passing by a farm in the direction of an old ruined cottage. After passing the cottage on the right you begin to see the broom and the mole of the secular tree. Following the dirt road, you easily reach the cherry tree. As mentioned above, it is best to go to see the tree during flowering




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