Bisciola Cake

Bisciola Cake

A thank you to Rosanna from Valtellina who sent us his recipe for cooking Bisciola


The Bisciola is the typical cake of Valtellina, consisting of flour, eggs, sugar, milk, honey, butter and dried fruit. Traditionally this dessert was consumed during the Christmas period instead of panettone, in our days it is now at all times of the year. In addition to the common name bisciola, it is also known as the “panettone valtellinese” or as “pan di fich”.


The following list of ingredients allows you to prepare a cake for 4-6 people.

-5-6 eggs

-140g of flour

-100g of rye flour -140g of dried figs

-100g of candied cedar

-60g of candied orange

-120 g of shelled walnuts

-160g of chocolate (preferably dark)

-100g of pine nuts

-100g almonds

-100g of butter (consider that you have to use it a bit to tear the bowl)

-160g of sugar

-1 yeast cake for sweets

-1 vanilla sugar sachet


The first step is to cut into small cubes the candied orange, the cedar and the dried figs. Take the dried fruit (walnuts and almonds) and grind them roughly (if you like big pieces, fine if you do not want to have big pieces of dried fruit) To melt the chocolate in a pot (even in maria baths), and in another pot the butter.

While the chocolate blends, slice eggs with sugar and mix by adding alternating:

melted butter .

melted chocolate.

Flour and yeast vanilla sugar.

The chopped dried fruit.

The chopped candied fruit.

Mix well all over and then let it rest for about two hours. After the waiting time has passed, grind with butter and floured with a flour either round or rectangular (optional), pour into the mixture and put in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 45 minutes.



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