BUCHE DI NESE: fresh water pools near Bergamo

BUCHE DI NESE: fresh water pools near Bergamo


Buche di Nese, otherwise known as pools of butter, are small lakes formed by the river Nesa that descends from the Orobiche pre-Alps (Corna Bianca) to reach the hamlet of Alzano Lombardo (Burro).

The path 532

To get to the puddles we advise you to leave your car in Burro (Fraz. Alzano Lombardo), near the church of the hamlet or near the Trattoria del Brugo.

From here you go down a hairpin bend and turn left into Via Burro (locality ca ‘Nedia) and continue through the last houses of the village, keep the path on the left (you will find the path number “532” on a wall.

Coming down the path, you will find yourself plunging ever more into a verdant and seemingly untouched valley.

At a center point, you will see a pathway unfortunately not too visible on the left (if you go straight, you will soon realize that you have gone wrong, since just like us, you will end up in a street that leads to a private home). Taking instead the right path on the left, you will plunge slowly into the woods and finally going down the path on the right, you will finally find the river and a little further on the first puddle.

The first puddle

This pool can also be reached by children, while the rest of the trail is highly discouraged for children, in fact the path climbs up the rocks and unfortunately it is not very well cared for. We advise you to pay close attention. Unfortunately, in this place a fatal accident happened a few years ago.

The second puddle

Going up the rock with a certain attention and going back to the other side you will find another puddle a little wider. The whole area lends itself to an afternoon of pleasant relaxation or a nice picnic. For the most courageous there is the possibility to plunge into the water and cool off from the summer heat.

Be careful…


We stopped at the second puddle, we explored the area a little, but most of the trails are no longer treated and therefore very dangerous. We saw some guys in the area who ventured to get to the other pools by going to the river bed. If you plan to do it, be well equipped! For those looking for a simple and short walk, we recommend that you prepare a nice picnic basket and enjoy the cool water of the first pool. Easily accessible, but no less beautiful than the others! And with this, we wish you a pleasant relaxation!





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