Camerata Cornello and the hamlet of Cornello dei Tasso

Camerata Cornello and the hamlet of Cornello dei Tasso

A few kilometers from San Pellegrino Terme, on the ancient “Via Mercatorum”, stands the hamlet of Camerata Cornello.

Cornello dei Tasso is a fraction of Camerata, this small medieval hamlet is famous for being the home of the Tasso families that, in addition to Torquato, set off to the modern Postal system.

Arrive in Camerata

Camerata rises on a rocky spur over the Brembo River, is reachable via the state SS 470. Cornello, on the other hand, does not have roads for cars, to get there you can use two mule tracks that depart near the car parks of the village.

Historical News

Like most settlements in this area of ​​the Brembana Valley, Camerata was also allegedly founded during the invasions of barbarian peoples. The fleeing population sought shelter in the most impervious and unreachable valleys, which would explain the location of the village. During the Middle Ages the country gained importance, the way of the merchants connecting the plain to Valtellina, passed by Camerata, and there was one of the most important markets in the area. Around 1430 Camerata passed to the Republic of Venice, this fact opened the way to the decay of brooks, in fact, the construction of the Priula Street, the largest and easiest to travel without excluding the businesses of the country.

The Postal System.

The small hamlet of Camerata started the postal system. The whole thing was born with Omodeo Tasso who created a company of “Horse Racing” who carried the correspondence commissioned between Venice and all the cities of Italy, especially Milan and Rome. Thanks to their professionalism they became the official couriers of the pope’s correspondence, then Massimiliano I was charged with bringing the correspondence from the Holy Roman Empire to all neighboring states. The confidence of the various kings against the Tasso was such that they were also charged with bringing the tax gains.

What to see in Cornello dei Tasso

Old Town

Certainly Cornello’s historic center is one of the main attractions of the village, with a few euros it is also possible to take a guided tour of the whole area.

Tasso Museum

The Tasso Museum organizes the tour of the country and, thanks to a guide, you can discover all the characteristic places of the village including the passages that once allowed to reach the street or the shops from the houses.

Also in the guided tour is a tour in the museum where the story and the pedigree of the Tasso family will be illustrated.

The house of the Tasso

The guided tour also includes the tour of the ruins of the dwelling of the Tasso

The Church of Cornello

The church of Cornello needs restoration intervention, the bell tower is dangerously inclined and is likely to collapse on the church. For security reasons visitors are not allowed to enter the building

Valorisation of the territory

Since 2015 the countries of Camerata, San Giovanni Bianco and Dossena are part of the Polo Culturale Mercatorum and Priula.




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