The Cassoeula is a typical dish of Lombard culinary tradition.


Our version was born at the beginning of the 900, initially was consumed during the San Antonio’s day on January 17, when pigs were slaughtered.

This food is related to the peasant tradition, pieces of meat used in the Cassoeula are the cheapest ones and serve to give flavor to a vegetable that is very worn in the winter by the poorest, Many recipes of the European culinary tradition, especially the French one, have cartoons similar to cassoeula. It is customary to consume the cassoeula on the first of November

Ingredients for six or seven people

-1.500-1600 g. cabbage

-2 vertices per person

-800/900 g. rack of pork ribs

– 2 or 3 clean pork legs

-250 g. Clean pork and scraped (eye to the lilies that may remain)

-2 clean pork ears One or two pork pie

-and pork chops

-80 g. of butter

-250 g. carrots

-250 g. celery

-150 or 160 g. onion

-brown, preferably of carn

– possibly a dry white wine glass

You can use Luganegha in place of Verzini


Cooking time: about 3 hours

Boil in the salted water pig’s ears and rinds for 50 minutes, and for 1 hour the pins, after scraping and shaving them; Drain them and cut them into pieces.

Grate for about 10 minutes the ribs with little butter so that they just color, then remove them from the fire and keep them aside; Do the same in another saucepan with roasted vertebrate salami and the luganiga cut into rather large pieces.

Sift and wash the cabbage leaves, then put them in a pot without shaking them from the water of the last wash. Cover and let them dry on low heat.

In a potter’s sauce, melt 60 grams of butter and let brown onion chop, then combine celery and carrots also crushed; As soon as you are colored, combine the salamis and the luganiga, blend with a glass of wine, let it evaporate, wet with little water and bake for about 10 minutes at moderate flame.

Then join the whole meat and after a few minutes add the spices, stir well and if necessary add little water. Cook on low heat for about 1 hour or until the meat will be removed from the bones; If you wipe it too wet with little water. Half-cooked salt and pepper.

Let the cassoeula rest for 20 minutes before serving it.



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