Clime to Resegone: From Erve to Rifugio Monza

Clime to Resegone: From Erve to Rifugio Monza
Il panorama

The itinerary starts from Erve (Lecco), just above Calolziocorte and Vercurago, where Manzoni imagined the castle of the Unnamed. Erve, it is on the slopes of Resegone and to reach it you have to climb for winding and precipice roads with a view over the Lario.

Unfortunately, the area can be reached by car or by bus service from Calolziocorte. If you are arriving by car, you can find parking at Piazza Italia or you can leave it along the Via Resegone, beware of stop bans!

At the end of the street, when the country’s houses become ever more rare, the agro-silvo-pastoral track starts: A mule track that runs through the GALAVESA torrent at 585 m high.



Capanna Monza

The aim of the itinerary is the mountain hut, called “Capanna Monza” (where it is possible to stay overnight and have lunch / dine) at 1173 mt.

The Monza hut was founded in 1909.

During the war was a refuge for prisoners and partisans, more than a century later, has become a place of refreshment for climbers and walkers who want to reach the summit of the Resegone.

To get to the hut there are two trails (well reported by the CAI): Pro Rott trail, 80 minutes of challenging trail that we only recommend to those who are actually equipped and trained; The San Carlo trail, which we decided to follow, passes from the S.Carlo source and finally reaches the refuge in ca. 100/110 minutes from Erve.

San Carlo’s Pathway

Fonte San carlo

The San Carlo route crosses the creek and rises gently towards the mountain. It is a mule track, in the first stretch of road and up to the S.Carlo source, which can also be carried out by children, except for a few trails to be followed with some attention.

At the source you can have a sip in the small picnic area or drink directly from the source with a glass of copper made available to travelers

On the banks of the stream, among its water ponds, you can sit for a picnic or to cool off by the summer heat. Going up, you go to the GNETT resort at 663 mt: An area surrounded by greenery along the creek that goes back to Resegone. Continuing to follow, following the easiest route (S.Carlo), you meet the S.Carlo source of natural mineral water, which is reached by crossing the bridge of the Bruco. Ponte, dedicated to the mythical mule that served the Alpine mountains until his death, which happened just in this place due to the fatigue.

At the source you can have a snack in the small picnic area or drink directly from the source with a glass of copper placed at the disposal of the hikers.

Climbing in the woods, climbs (quite laboriously) the slope. This piece of the trail begins to become more difficult and steadily rising. Only in the last part begins to become a bit lighter and quiet, but, let us mean it, is always steady. At some point you can see in the distance the red refuge Monza, here you will find the tranquility of the woods to welcome you and a bit of refreshment. For the most fearsome, hiking trails take you to Passo Fò and finally come to the top of Resegone. But this is another story ….




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