Consonno the ghost town on hills

Consonno the ghost town on hills

Consonno is a small district of Olginate, that since 1976 is known as “the ghost town of Brianza area”. In fact the main road was closed due to a mudslide, which led the town to lose her charm of the 60s.The current ruins, in fact, aren’t  the witnesses of the original town of Consonno, as they are related to the times in which the village was transformed into the Earl Bagno ’s dream : “Las Vegas of Lombardy”.

The ancient village, in particular, was founded around 1000 AD, but in the 1960s all old town houses were demolished and “the Candy Land” for the growing middle class from Milan was finally built.But works with the purpose of improvement of the surrounding landscape, which had to lead to the creation of a breathtaking  view on the Lake Como, had unfortunately during the long period an impact on the endurance of the soil of the hill.

During the sixties , in the town,  several commercial activities such as restaurants, shops and even an hotel (“Grand Hotel il Plaza”) were created and lots of investments were made. Each building in the Candy Land had a particular architectural style and each of them was inspired by distant cultures such as the oriental one. Examples of these interesting buildings were the minaret , the Chinese pagoda and Japanese garden, which are still visible nowadays.


Only the parish church of S. Maurizio, the rectory and cemetery were only saved by the demolition, whereas the rest of the town was totally transformed into an oriental dream.

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But one day the Candy Land came to an unhappy end, in fact in 1976 the hill, on which the town lied, collapsed on the road that connected Consonno to Olginate, and this was actually the final act of the popularity of Consonno.

At the end of the seventies, tourists became fewer due to poor communication roads.

In the years, many  efforts to save the Candy Land were made by Earl Bagno until his death  in 1994.

Weathering and oblivion continue to act on the ruins of Consonno, but however many still visit this ghost city nowadays, especially in the weekends many young people go there to take pictures of what remain as witness of the past. This shows that the myth of this town will never die and still triggers curiosity in lots of people, especially in the youngsters.




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