Crespi d’Adda The Company Town

Crespi d’Adda The Company Town

In the 1878 Crespi’s Family bought several hectar between Capriate San Gervaso and Canonica d’Adda with the purpose of build their cotton mill.

The company town has hired greater importance in 1995 when the site is become an UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its excellent preservation of building.

During the period of greatest splendor, Crespi d’Adda was marked for its modernity at begining of last century there were:

  • Hospital and public Bath

To act quickly in case of work accidents, in 1904 the Crespi’s Familiy has built an hospital near the cotton mill.
The hospital had some technologically advanced departments such as the radiology department and the department for the long-term care.
All medical expenses were paid by Crespi’s Family, in the more complex cases , doctros form Milan were called.
Public baths, were built in the first years of the village and they has been used until baths were built in privat houses.

  • The school

La scuola

  • The castle (the master’s house).

In the castle, crespi’s family ruled on the village, this is the more luxurious building in the town with a late romantic style and with medieval forms.
Nowdays, the castle is private property so it isn’t visitable.

  • The church

It was built identical to the church of Busto Arsizio, Crespi’s home Town


  • Doctor’s house and Parson’s House.

These Houses are in the north-east of the town, they are bigger than the workers’ houses and they are  decorated.

  • Executives Houses

They are all differents, built in the south-east side of the town, these houses have  balconies , verandas and every house has a private garden.

  • Employee houses

They were built at the end of twenties with a rectangular plant and they have some decorations

  • Workers’ House

They are small and essential. In this town,every worker had the forehand to obtain a house

  • The sports field

In the north side of the town there was a sports field in which people could play soccer.

  • Infrastructures

Crespi d’Adda had public lighting with Edison’s System and the owners (crespi’s Family) built a direct phone line from the village to Milan to manage their buisness quickly

  • The cotton mill

For a century it was the heart of the Village and it worked until 2003. Currently is a privat property.

L'ingresso alla fabbrica

  • Cemetery

Impressive example of the division into classes, also for the death there wasn’t equality.
It was designed by Gaetano Moretti and it was built from 1905 to 1908.
It is localized at the end of the main street.
Arriving in front of the cemetry you can admire the majesty of Crespi’s Mausoleum, built in perfect eclectic style.
Employee and workers’ graves are simply stone crosses.

Il mausoleo


In this town, employers care about the needs of their workers and their families, such as health and schools


we suggest you to visit this place to ammire its buildings and its structure to image its history





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