Crostini with Norcia black truffle

Crostini with Norcia black truffle

Recipe by Caterina di Norcia

Black truffle

Also known as Nero di Norcia truffle, it is found from December to March in calcareous soils well drained under decidous trees. This delicate flavor truffle can be used in the first courses, in the main courses and also as an appetizer.


The recipe has quantity for 4/5 people.

1 slice of bread per head (if the bread is big, 2 small)

-400g of Norcia black truffle

-4 anchovies or anchovies

-aglio (to taste)

– 6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

– 50g of butter


Take the truffles and clean them accurately.

Once the truffles are clean, you have to finely chop them.

Heat the oil in a saucepan together with garlic, once the oil is very hot (it must not boil). 

When the oil is still hot, melt the butter in it and add the truffles.

While the oil with the buttery cools, chop and anchovies (or anchovies) and add to the mixture.

The dough obtained can be splamed on soft or slightly toasted bread



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