Fried alborelle

Fried alborelle

Recipe of Alborelle fried sent by Giuseppe da Calolziocorte.


Typical of the Padana Plain, of central Italy and of the Balkans. This fish lives in lakes and rivers with moderate current. Is a bone fish that rarely exceeds 20 cm in length.


800 grams of small or medium sized Alborelle already clean.

Flour enough

Fry oil


Lemon peel


Carefully wash the lawns, drain them and wipe them with a cloth. Pass the fish into the flour so that it is well flamed.

In a special frying pan or in the fryer, heat the oil. Once the oil is hot enough, immerse small amounts of fish and make it golden for good. After finishing the gilding, place the fish on a suitable sheet of absorbent paper and let it pour a little. The last step is to pour it and serve it warm with a good pastel of lemon juice or lemon juice to taste.


Garlate Lake



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