From Civate to St. Peter al Monte Church

From Civate to St. Peter al Monte Church

A magnific example of Romanesque Architecture near Lecco is the St. Peter al monte church in Civate.



The itinerary isn’t difficult but it is necessary have clothing and footwear adequate.

The pathway starts in via de Pozzo, it passes through the Valley of gold and arrives to the church.

After around 500 m, you can see a fantastic view of Annone’s lake

Exceeding the lookout point, the path goes into the valley, the trail begins to climb more, signs to the sacre place are excellent.

The itinerary is open year-round but in winter you need to pay attention to ice on the ground.

Along the climb, you can find chapels and panels in which there is the history of the art that you can see after in the church.

The street passes through a shady area rich of water sources.

At the end of mule-track, the climb becomes more difficult so, to help people,some trunks and big stones  were fixed onto the ground to create a ladder.

After this staircase, that some, particularly devouts, use as a journey purifier, you can go into the garden of the curch, a large lawn where you can relax and find some refreshment after the climb.

The church.

The Church dominates the lawn that surrounds it and with its white color is in contrast with the green of the hills.

The property was occupied in past centuries by Benedictine monks for this on the stone arches of revenue is the inscription “Ora et labora”.

The buildings that form the complex are three, the Oratory of St. Benedict, the monastery and the St. Peter’s Basilica.

To enter the Basilica you have to face an imposing stone staircase, inside the temple we can admire a good number of the most famous frescoes they are those that depict the “heavenly Jerusalem” and Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse




Under the church there is a crypt in which can be accessed by designated personnel.
In addition, the Church and the lawn that surrounds it, it is worth noting the view of the Brianza, Mount Resegone, and Lake Hanno can be admired.





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