Garlate Lake

Garlate Lake

In the neighbourhood of Lecco there is a lake called  Lake Garlate, which has an extension of 4.64 and a maximum deep of 34m.

The lake is created by the waters of River Adda and its most important tributary is the stream Bione.

The lake includes the areas of the towns of Garlate, Pescate, Lecco and Vercurago.


The east bank

Lake Garlate is a part of the itinerary of the literary “Luoghi Manzoniani” (Manzonian places), in these places Alessandro Manzoni, the writer that made this area of Lombardy famous with his pieces of work, imagined the set of his book The Betrothed,  in fact, near this lake there is the Castle of “NO Named” (Innominato in Italian).

Thanks to several pic-nic areas and meadows it is possible to spend some moments here in full relax with a breathtaking view on the Alps.

If you are passionate in bikes, Lake Garlate gives you a big opportunity, in a few minutes, starting from Olginate, using the bicycle path to reach the left side of River Adda.





Place near Lecco


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