LAGO MAGGIORE’S WOOD : From Pino to Bassano.

LAGO MAGGIORE’S WOOD : From Pino to Bassano.


Today’s itinerary starts from a quiet spot overlooking Lake Maggiore, once village to itself, now a hamlet: Pino sulla Sponda del Lago Maggiore (289 m asl). A real place of silence, between mountains and lake, a few kilometers from Switzerland.

Here many Swiss, Germans and some Italians come to enjoy the lake, away from the chaotic nature of other well-known Lombard lakes.


The walk starts from the central square of the village, Piazza della Vittoria. It’s good to know that Pino is mostly closed to traffic, so we advise you to park your car in the parking lot at the foot of the town center and go up to the square on foot. For those who want to reach Pino by train, can do it from the small station of Pino-Tronzano and then calculate about twenty minutes to reach the square on foot.

In Piazza di Vittoria you will find the signposts of the Pro Loco indicating the various paths leaving from this point: Follow signs for “Tronzano” and “Bassano”. Follow Via Giovanni XXIII, passing by the civic tower (part of an ancient medieval fortification now lost and former post office of the country).


Going up the hill you will reach the church of the village, dedicated to S.Quirico, where, on your right, you can enjoy a relaxing panorama on Lake Maggiore.

Continuing to climb, the asphalt road becomes dirt and pleasantly shaded by chestnuts, which in autumn become a paradise of mushrooms and chestnuts.


Going further, you find a fork, where to keep the right, following the sign “Tronzano”, here are two possible paths to reach “Bassano” (533 m. S.l.m.):


A sloping and tiring trail just past the left and with 35 minutes walk you will already be in Bassano.


We advise you to continue along Path 141 for Tronzano, where you will come across a “Bassano” sign on the left of the road, which will take you less than an hour to your destination. This second trail is a shaded shaded mule track that ends on an asphalt road. (Although not very busy, beware of possible means of transit!) At this point you cross the road and you reach the continuation of path nr. 134 which leads through a mule track to Bassano. After a stretch in the town, the trail continues for the woods. As you ascend, you will find a chapel dedicated to S.Sebastiano along the way. Even in this last stretch you will still have to cross the paved road again and take the trail 134 again.

The mule track continues uphill and in fifteen minutes, you will reach Bassano: In this last stretch you will find a further panoramic point on the left and finally, after the curve, you will see in the distance the beautiful little church of Bassano, surrounded by its inhabited area. We recommend losing you in the silence of its alleys, sometimes interrupted by children’s only noise. Explore, observe: The old washbasin, the ancient baptismal font, the Bassano mill. For those who do not want to finish the route here, you can take the path to Lake Delio and Val Veddasca from the village square. To return to Tronzano and finally Pino, we suggest you to go to the sanctuary of S.Maria Assunta, here you will finally enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the lake (See to believe!).

Then take the path that goes down, crossing the sanctuary on the right. Get down with prudence, as steep and slippery enough. Finally, follow the signs for Tronzano and keep right to return to Pino. Along the descent, you find a farm immersed in green with grazing cattle and honey for breeding bees for honey.



The trail is highly recommended for those looking for tranquility and shelter from chaotic. It is best to avoid climbing through a mule track with children. Bassano can be reached on foot or by car via a more convenient asphalt road.




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