Minestra sporca “Dirty soup”

Minestra sporca “Dirty soup”

The minestra sporca “dirty soup” is a typical soup from Brescia area which usually accompanies the skewer with birds and mullet.


 half chicken,     

hen rigs    

1 carrot 



1 good meat

broth 1.5 lt.     

butter nuts 1     

dado 1     

glass of dry white wine,    

 250 g of rice, salt.


Finely chop the onion and place it in a saucepan.     Sprinkle the onion with the butter until it is golden.     Add the diced vegetables and salt.     Let it tastate and then combine the boneless chicken, beaten and cut into small pieces.     Allow to fry for a while, then join the wine.     Once the visa has evaporated the wine, add the nut, broth, and stripes cut into small pieces. Allow to cook on moderate heat.     When chicken and vegetables are almost cooked, combine rice, stirring carefully and finishing the cooking.     Serve with grated grated cheese.


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