Not forget Castelluccio

Not forget Castelluccio

Castelluccio is a part of Norcia in the province of Perugia at 1427m altitude.

The village is located in the National Park of the Sibilline Mountains above a hill overlooking the Plateau of Castelluccio. We visited this center a few weeks before a devastating earthquake completely destroyed it. This short “article” has the humble intention of being a way of recalling what was the country with the hope that it would be reestablished for the inhabitants and anyone who likes this place as normal as possible to that before the earthquake.


In the area of ​​Castelluccio, since the Roman period there was an inhabited center, numerous objects of this period were found during excavations.

In addition to objects there was also found a tomb of a Roman soldier. The present hamlet was built as a response to the new demands of sheep farming, the most economic activity of the place.


Due to the particular conformation of the territory and the altudine, the main activity of the inhabitants is that of the pastoral and the agriculture. The lentil is the symbol of Castelluccio, this legume blooms between May and August and in the past all the harvest was manual now, between July and August you can see numerous machines at work.


Thanks to the attraction of the place, especially during the spring bloom, in the last period has developed also the tourism-related business (shops of typical products, bars and restaurants). The winding and narrow streets, to protect themselves from the cold and the wind, characterize the village as well as the writing on the walls telling stories related to everyday life A noteworthy historical edifice is the church of Santa Maria Assunta.


During the spring until the first half of Guigno you can see one of the great shows that make famous Castelluccio the blooming of the plateau: During this period numerous flowers including narcissi, clover, buttercups, violets and many others are admired in all their splendor.


Unfortunately, on October 30, 2016, a series of shots destroyed a large part of the country collapsing the church and numerous homes. The purpose of this paper, as mentioned above, is to help in our little one and for that we can not forget this Italian and European wonder. Hope is that everyone’s help can boost the reconstruction and security of the site with the goal of giving this unique treasure to humanity



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