Nutria In wet, goodness or madness?

Nutria In wet, goodness or madness?

Controversial recipe proposed by Piero from Mantova


Nutria is a semi-aquatic rodent that is predominantly active at night, with a squat body and a very long tail. It is a widespread animal all over Europe and also in Italy especially in areas with plenty of water. This rodent was hunted and bred for its fur, and sometimes as a food source especially in South America.

Damage of the Nutria

The nutria is one of the most invasive species of animals, farmers and various areas of the Po Valley must face their daily presence. cultivated fields and trees are not spared by this animal which has caused considerable damage over the years. The regions affected by the phenomenon organize hunting trips to try to reduce the number of specimens.

Nutria in the kitchen

Another method to reduce the number of these animals is to use these animals in the kitchen, below we propose a quick recipe that probably originates from the USA



It must be said that there are no ingredients in fixed doses, everything depends on the size of the animal. The ideal is to take the nutria from a farm, in case it was hunted, have the animal checked by experts so that the meat is edible (living in ditches and marshes is not strange that the meat is contaminated)

The other steps

Once the skin has been removed, the animal is boned and the meat has to be marinated for about a day, the marinating must be made of fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and wine vinegar. After marinating, prepare a sauté and put the meat to cook on a low flame (from the US tradition, s should add, in addition to fried, spices to taste). While the meat is cooking, add the tomatoes and beans at the end a sprinkling of red pepper.


The preparation is similar to that of a rabbit, but the courage to eat it is not the same.



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