Piona The abbey on the lake

Piona The abbey on the lake

On the Ogliasca’s penisula, in the municipality of Colico, stands the Abbey of Piona.

The complex was erected in the Middle Ages and named after the Virgin, then became a clunian monastery dedicated to San Nicolò.


The structure is of Lombardy Romanesque style, with a square view stone. There are some elements that recall the French Gothic. The church has only one nave and is not large.

Even the cloister is not big, a sign that the community of monks was not and is not composed of a large number of religious.

Just in the cloister, you can notice the sculptures typical of the influence of Cluny’s movement.

The garden of the complex is quite extensive inside which there is a bar, which runs in the summertime and a cave with the statue of the Madonna which evokes the most famous of Lourdes.

How to reach the abbey

The moastic complex can be reached both by car and in a less traditional way, ie by boat. By car, exit at SS 36 to Piona, following the signs you reach the parking lot. The boat is exploited by many in the summer season, the mooring pier is near the abbey.


At the entrance of the abbey there is a shop where the various local products are sold. Among the various products, there are the famous imperial drops that with their 90 degrees can be used to “correct coffee” or other drinks. It is recommended not to take the imperial drops by yourself because, being almost ethanol, there is a risk of getting lesions to the digestive tract. In addition to drops, you can also buy bitter, honey and many other things.




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