San Pellegrino Terme

San Pellegrino Terme

Geographic location

San Pellegrino is a small village in the province of Bergamo. It rises in the middle of the Brembana Valley, surrounded by the Orobie Alps and is crossed by the river Brembo. The city is a great representation of Belle Epoque and Liberty style.


The country was originally founded by Orobi.

Its development, which has not been involved in revolutions, sees its greatest splendor in the 18th century. when it becomes an important spa center. In fact, in order to exploit the sulfur-alkaline-earthy waters at 26 °, a San Pellegrino Spa property was built. With the growing popularity of the buildings, in fact, in 1904 a casino was opened and the following year the Grand Hotel. In 1961, however, it was built the factory for bottling San Pellegrino’s drinks.

Interesting sites

Cathedral of Saint Pilgrim of Auxerre

In order to cope with the population growth, it was built in 1715 and erected in the same place as an ancient fifteenth-century church.

The façade is more modern (1825) and is in Neo Classic style. Inside we find a late-baroque style ‘700.


The mess

It was inaugurated in 1907. It has a facade characterized by two towers and is decorated with iron and cement. Entering you you are in an atrium with 8 red marble columns in Verona. From the lobby

enters the large terraces of the upper floors, along a monumental stairway, dominated by frescoes representing the 12 months.

The casino function ended in 1917, however it was not used for cultural and theatrical events, congresses, fashion shows, art exhibitions and gala evenings.

Today it has been restored and enlarged with a theatrical wing and can be visited during the summer season.

The grand Hotel

It was built in 1905 in Liberty style. The structure comprises three hundred rooms divided into seven floors. It was the place to stay of many relevant people of the time. He turned to the high social class pointing to his modernity. There were already lifts, electric power, drinking water and telephones in every room. The hole was characterized by a large chandelier and it was decorated with concrete, iron and stucco. Externally it looks like a large building made up of a central group surmounted by a large dome and two side blocks. It was closed in 1979.



The first spas date back to the early 1900s and were equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for medical, plant and organizational purposes. Those new ones were inaugurated in 2014. We recommend all people interested in seeing the Liberty style a visit to this particular place and in some ways “frozen” to the past century. The visit is more enjoyable in spring and summer.




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