Stuffed Pigeons

Stuffed Pigeons

Pigeons stuffed at Brescia after Fabio di Orzinuovi


The stuffed pigeon has always been a dish loved by the bourgeoisie and the nobility of Lombardy. The pigeon to which we refer is not the animal called “mousetrap with wings” that crowds our cities but a pigeon coming from farms, better family-run ones. Pig’s meat is a lean meat. The difference with the classic stuffed pigeon is that the one in Brescia has a typical bitter note.


Consider the portions for 6 people (1 pigeon every 2 people).

-3 big pigeons

-2-3 bitter almonds

-1 egg

100 ml of white wine

50g grated wheat cheese

40g of white onion

45g extra virgin olive oil

45g of grated pan

1 sprig of rosemary

150 g of butter

15 cl broth salt and pepper enough.


Carefully clean the pigeons while keeping the livers. In a frying pan, chop the chopped onion with 40 g of butter and the chopped liver, after the operation is taken out of the fire. In a special container, knead the grated bread, the egg, the almonds, the paddy and the broth. add salt and pepper and let it rest for half an hour. Fill the pigeons with the compound, sew them, place them in a frying pan with oil, the remaining butter and sprig of rosemary. Put them in an oven already hot at 180 ° -200 ° C and cook them by wetting them occasionally with wine


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