Discover the Convent of the Holy Announced

Discover the Convent of the Holy Announced

If you are looking for a brief trip near Brescia, in the Val Camonica you can find, the Convent of SS Annunciata.

This convent is located between Borno and Pianborno at an altitude of 700 m.

In this description it will describe only things that  have fascinated me.

Thanks to its particular silence, this place is very suitable for recollection and meditation

The building has two claustri, the first one is
frescoed and has granite columns, the secondo one is rustic.

Inside the church, there is a big fresco of 33mq in which are shown some facts of Jesus’s life.

The view from the convent is spectacular, you can see from the Iseo Lake to the end of the val Camonica.

I suggest  you a tour into the crypt to see the monks’bones and the tresaure.



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