The rapids of Adda: The Custodian of the Church of Santa Maria della Rocchetta

The rapids of Adda: The Custodian of the Church of Santa Maria della Rocchetta


My name is Fiorenzo Mandelli, I was born in Concorezzo and I live in Mezzago, I am happily married and I have an adult daughter. I have been working for many years for an important microelectronics industry as long as it is time for me to retire. So I could get to know the places I had just before missed and to make new friends.

The connection

However, I noticed that the Sanctuary of Madonna della Rocchetta, located on the Adda River, between Paderno d’Adda and Cornate was only opened once a year (the elderly of Porto d’Adda who occupy them now are more than 90 years old And so many have returned to the Father’s house), the weeds and the trenches were taking over, and so since 2006 with some older people always in Port d’Adda, I started making some weed herbs and cleansing the area Outside around the Rocchetta church and the undercounter basins of Paderno d’Adda’s navy.

Curator of the Shrine

Later, the pastor don Egidio Moro, parish priest of Cornate d’Adda, appointed me a curator and head of the Sanctuary, near which there is an archaeological area with a late Roman cistern, and this allows me to talk about this little church to the many pilgrims and visitors passing along the Adda River.

Illustrious Visitors

Proud pride for Fiorenzo Mandelli was to guide Madonna della Rocchetta to: High Prelate of the Vatican – Magnificent Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University – S.E. Bishop Prof. Enrico Dal Covolo, S.E. Bishop Luigi Stucchi auxiliary bishop of Milan, foreign diplomats such as the consul of Korea in Milan Kyungsok Koh or the consul of Austria Dr. Theresa Indjein-Untersteine, the great French actor Philippe Leroy, Austrian poet Karl Lubomirski, Germany in Milan dott. Jurgen Bubendey, the writer and scholar of Leonardo da Vinci Vittoria Haziel, Sister Maria Gloria Riva, founder in 2007 and Superior of the Monastic Community dedicated to the Eucharistic Appearance of Pietrarubbia, the actor and comedian Claudio Bisio, the former national soccer goalkeeper and Inter, Francesco Toldo, or as Hellen Pregnolato Hiding, the Italian Athlete of the Italian National Team of Softball from 1984 to 1991, who participated in the Seoul Olympics, four Europeans, and two World Cups.


Those who want to visit the Sanctuary, and have further and in-depth historical information on the Sanctuary, the stage of St. Augustine’s Way, please contact Fiorenzo Mandelli at time 338-2800822 e-mail –




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