The Towns of Lake Maggiore: Ispra

The Towns of  Lake Maggiore: Ispra

Thanks to Christian for this article about Ispra, a village on the Lake Maggiore.

Ispra is a town of about 6000 inhabitants in the province of Varese, on the shore of Lake Maggiore.

The village is internationally famous thanks to the presence of the prestigious Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

In summer, Ispra is a tourist attraction thanks to the swimming beaches and the presence of many shops, bars and restaurants with panoramic views of the lake.

Even in winter the village is a tourist attraction thanks to the neabry mountains and famous tourist destinations.

How to see

Near the town you can find:

-Santa Caterina del sasso’s monasetry.

-The war memorial.

-San Carlone’s statue

The furnaces for lime

-Borromean Island.

These locations can also be reached from the port of the country thanks to the ferries.

How to get the town

Unfortunately in 2013 the railway station that served the town closed.

Due to the closure to passenger traffic, the village is accessible by car or by public transport using the road 329.

You can also get the town by the ferry.


Tronzano Lago Maggiore

Pino sulla sponda del Lago Maggiore




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