Troggia Waterfall

Troggia Waterfall

Some informations

Orrido di Bellano is one of the most famous natural places in Lake Como .

Few know that the waters of the Orrido come from the Pioverna stream that has the tributary of the Troggia stream, near Introbio, which makes a spectacular jump of about 100m forming a wonderful waterfall.

Troggia waterfall in history

Already Leonardo knew this cascade, in fact, in the Codice Atlantico quote

Invalsasina infra Vimognio et Introbbio amandesstra entrando per la via di Leccho si trova la Trosa fiume che chade da un sasso altissimo e chadendo entra sotto terra elli finisscie il fiume


Get to the Waterfall

From Lecco pointing to the Valsassina, in the middle of valley,  you arrive to Introbio.

You can park your car in the public parking at the end of via Vittorio Emanuele.

Leave the car to the parking lot and continue along the SP 62 until you reach the Waterfall. Take the waterfall pass Via cascata.

Find the directions you leave on the main road and continue straight. You pass on the concrete bridge that allows you to cross the Troggia stream and take the feel that runs along the creek itself.The path is the slight rise between rocks and vegetation.

After about a dozen meters of trail you can already see the waterfall in its majesty. The last stretch climbs between rocks to which you have to attack to facilitate the ascent, nothing difficult, but you have to pay more attention. At the end of the Salita you can see the natural spectacle of the Troggia waterfall.









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