Unnamed’s Castle

Unnamed’s Castle


We can arrive to the Unnamed’s Castle along this trivalent path (historical side,  religious aspect  and the beauty of the landscape)

The route starts near the San Girolamo’s  sanctuary in Somasca di Vercurago.

From the church we walk  down Via della Basilica  then  via San Girolamo. At the end of the street we are in front of a stone arch,  this is the entrance of the “via delle cappelle”.

This  is a penitentiary path of the religious congregation of “Chierici padri somaschi”.

The purpose of this flight of steps is to remember the San Girolamo’s  life.



Along the route we can see 11 chapels in which there  is a fresco that describes a san Girolamo’s Fact.

1) The Holy asks for help to Maria after that it was imprisoned

2)San Girolamo is accompanied by Maria trough the enemy field.

3)The Holy lays chains in front of the altar in sign of devotion to Maria.

4)San Girolamo begins to take care of orphans and the poor of the city of Venice

5) The Holy buries victims of the plague in Venice.

6)San Girolamo takes care of the plague victims.

7)With a sign of the cross, San Girolamo saves orphan form wolves.

8)San Girolamo teaches catechism and works together with the inhabitants of the San Martino Valley

9)San girolamo, before his death, washes orphans’s feet

10)San Girolamo hit by the plague, dies in a Somasca home .

11)The Holy multiplies the bread.


The chapels form 1 to 10 are before the La Valletta hermitage, the last one is in the unnamed Castle.

In La Valletta we can find a curch and the Cemetery of the Padri Somaschi.

After La Valletta, we arrive to the climb to the unnamed Castle, a little path that it winds from the main road.

In the top of the hill there isn’t a castle, there are only the ruins of the fortress.

Form the fortess you can see Lecco and Garlate Lake




Routes near Lecco



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