Vertova Valley

Vertova Valley

Vertova Valley is a traverse of Seriana Valley and it is localized 20km from Bergamo.

The towns that are part of this valley are: Gazzanica, Fiorano and obviously Vertova.


The Vertova Valley is long arround 10 km and it is a canion carved over the centuries by the river Vertova.

The valley represents  one of the most important natural landscapes of the Orobie Bergamasche.

The major element that distinguishes this tiny valley is the abundance of water.


You can arrive to the valley by car and you have to park near a restaurant in a large lawn.

You can also use a bus that starts from Vertova’s central square and it takes ten minutes to arrive to the parking.

The cost of the bus ticket is more or less 2€ for the return ticket.

We suggest to take the bus.


After the parking, the wild valley starts, a wide dirt road flanked by the river rises gently towards the top.

Considering the amplitude of the road and its surface, it can be traveled on foot or by bicycle, even the high-wheel strollers will not have big jams.

The route is simple, the climbs are sweet, things to see many, nature is unspoiled and the interaction with water is unique.


Care should be taken in crossing the streams in that, the water, even in summer, it is very cold.

Close to streams, the rock can be very slippery in these traits accompanied the children by the hand.

We recommend  you to do this walk in the hottest periods of the year, in which bathing is not too much a problem indeed, it could be a cool against the heat.

For the entire length of the path there is an alternation of various waterfalls, pools of water and streams that flow into all the main artery Torrente Vertova.

The pools are called by locals “Marmitte dei Giganti”.

In our adventure in this valley, we covered only the stretch to the iron gate.

Beyond this gate, leave the trails that allow hikers who are not content to do a simple walk, and take the ascent to the first scree




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