Who We Are

Let’s introduce ourselves…

We are a group of enthusiasts who love discovering new places, itineraries and local recipes – We want to share our passion with as many people as possible.

Our first step was to describe places and itineraries near our home (i.e. the Italian Region of Lombardy). That’s why we decided to take the name of NoiLombardia. From this very first intent, we would like to continue describing even more places from all over the world– from the nearest lake till the farthest mountain. To do so, we need your precious help!

Three guidelines to reach our goal together: experience, sharing, cooperation.

The description could be completely personal, as each place gives different sensations to different people.

A very important point for us is sharing experience. Some descriptions may contain some mistakes or omissions, but with mutual help we can minimize them.  

Each article will not be static and closed, but every user could cooperate, even in different period, to improve it.