Grazzano Visconti: Unreal country in reality


Have you ever dreamed of taking a time machine and suddenly find yourself in the past? Well .. if the Middle Ages is your favorite historical period, we suggest you go to Grazzano Visconti. But not Make yourself fooled … this is an “unreal country in reality”!

The village

Grazzano Visconti is a fraction of only 180 inhabitants in the country Vigolzone, in the province of Piacenza. The village was born around a castle dating back to 1400, wanted by the aristocrat Giovanni Anguissola, groom of Beatrice Visconti.

 For this reason later and still today the property of the noble family Visconti. The building is now private and unobtainable, but the 150,000 sqm park surrounding it (Including a beautiful labyrinth) is open to the public for guided tours at certain times of the year (From spring to late fall). 


The castle is in the heart of the village of Grazzano, but the later, unlike what you could To think with a first glance, it is not a country dating from the medieval period.

If you deepen the History of the village, you will find yourself being “deceived”. It is in fact the realization of the dream of Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone in early 1900 by architect Alfredo Campanini. After years of Oblivion of the castle and the surrounding agricultural area, he thought to restore splendor to the area, giving him a new one Historical background.

The cobbled streets lightly illuminated by the light of the lamps, the medieval gates of the city, i Bridges, fountains help to fuel the illusion of an “unreal country in reality” (cit.).


With the creation of the new village, Visconti was also initiated by the first craft workshops for The teaching of arts and crafts, still existing around the castle. For this reason, the village Boasts of the “city of art”, conferred in 1986 by the Emilia-Romagna region, attracting millions of Visitors per year. The arts of the village are different: wrought iron, wood, ceramics, glass and finally paper.



Immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere of the village, when the festive lights and artisan’s works Show in their splendor. Strive to observe, to curse, and maybe to buy some souvenirs From the past … It will look like a big plastic picture of stalls, street-cargo trucks, jugglers, Extras dressed as reindeer or Santa Claus and street musicians. Christmas is a really special time for you Enjoy the atmosphere of the village, it’s worth a visit … Markets are open on weekends until the 6 January. (Info & amp; dates: grazzano) There are many events that follow during the year in the hamlet, including the Historical Court of May or the arceria race (Torneo de la Biscione) in October.



If you prefer to visit the village with a bit of tranquility, we advise you to avoid crowded holidays. In addition to the castle park, you will be amazed by the Old Court (a 7000-square-meter agro-tourism area Buildings) or the building of the Institution (the seat of the Visconti Foundation and now hosts the Museum of the Torture). Another city museum is worth a visit: The Wax Museum in Grazzano.


Grazzano Visonti boasts, just like so many ancient villages, its own legend … In the village is told of the Wandering of a ghost: Aloisa, the jealous bride of a Captain of Militia, who died after the Her husband’s betrayal. You will find his little statue and scribble in the square of Biscione to welcome you Under his eyes the many visitors.


To reach Grazzano, we recommend the car. A car park, welcomed by tourists, is located In the immediate vicinity of the village at about € 3 per day.



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