Sciatt From Valtellina

History of Sciatt

The sciatt are a typical dish of Valtellina. The word sciatt means toad in the Valtelline dialect but, despite the reference to the amphibious, are round, frilly fritters, with heart of melted cheese that are usually served served on a chicory bed. The sciats are originally from the village of Teglio, for now they are considered a specialty of the whole valley.


-300 g of buckwheat flour

-200 g of soft wheat flour type 00

-300 g Casera cheese (young, not seasoned)

-2 tablespoons of grated bread

-1 grappa short (not essential)

-beer (fundamental: it is the secret of the dough that swells like a Krapfen)

-oil to fry (extra virgin olive oil, avoid oil seeds)

-a pinch of yeast


1-Mix the buckwheat flour by combining the white flour with beer, yeast and grappa to get a batter, which will have to rise for about half an hour. Then join the grated bread with daddy cheese, a pinch of yeast and grappa.

2-Pour the oil into a large pot and bring it to fry, pour, using a spoonful of dough with inside a few cubes of cheese cheese. Do a few “balls” at a time so that they do not stick together.

3-Cook the dough until it has swelled and colored. Once drained they will be ready to serve on a bed of chicory condit.


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