Tagliatelle alla Santa Giuletta


The tagliatelle alla Santa Giuletta owe their name to the town in the province of Pavia from which it appears to be native.

This typical food is linked to a legend:

On May 19, 1859, the Marquis and Ciambellano Imperiale received four Piedmontese and French officers. While the guests were staying at the Marquis, two Austrian officers arrived on a courtesy visit. The atmosphere was very strong as the officers belonged to two opposing factions that, the following day, they would fight the famous battle of Montebello. The Marquis, worried, decided to invite everyone to taste the local dishes. Among the many specialties came cuc This first one was also received, which aroused praise from the guests and made them all agree.

Ingredients (6 people)

500 g fresh egg noodles

250 g of salted salted tongue

150 g of sliced ​​raw ham

150 g of celery

100 g of butter salt pepper


1)Cut the salmistrata and sliced ​​ham. Continue then cutting them into thin strips.

2)Cut the celery to match.

3)Melt the butter in a non-stick pan and, for 10 minutes, brown the salmistrata, ham and celery inside.

4)Boil the tagliatelle in abundant salted water. When they reach to cook al dente drain them and, once transferred in the pan, pan with the sauce.

5)Complete with plenty of ground pepper and serve on a serving plate.


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